Photographic reports about events pertaining to Patrick Boyer’s work are presented below.


Boyer’s 2-in-1 Ottawa Book Launch


At a November 2017 book launch of former MP J. Patrick Boyer’s books Foreign Voices in the House and Forcing Choice in Ottawa, Jean-Marc Carisse (who took many photos of world leaders in the book) and former MP Dennis Gruending hold his unique collection of all speeches since 1917, while Boyer and James Wyndels have copies of his book Forcing Choice about the risks and rewards of referendums in Canada. [Photo © J.M.Carisse 2017]



Abdulmalik J. Merchant, publisher of digital Ismaili magazines Simerg and Barakah, buys a copy of Foreign Voices in the House for The Aga Khan while author J. Patrick Boyer opens this first-ever publication of speeches by world leaders in the Commons to the page showing the Ismaili spiritual leader, just before his address, with Prime Minister Harper.  [Photo © J.M.Carisse 2017]