Election Law in Canada, Volume I

The Law and Procedure of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Elections

Election Law in Canada, Volume I

After publishing his three election law books Political Rights, Lawmaking By The People, and Money and Message, Patrick Boyer followed with a comprehensive legal treatise on the law and procedure governing national elections in Canada, elections to the legislature in each province, and territorial elections. This fourth title in his landmark work comprises two volumes.

Volume I examines, in their historical and political contexts, all the laws governing

  • Legal Status and Registration of Political Parties and Candidates

  • Electoral Boundaries and Representation

  • The Calling of Elections

  • Election Officials

  • The Franchise

  • Compiling and Revising the Lists of Voters, and

  • Legal Qualification and Nomination of Candidates

“These laws are the foundation for everything else in our democratic society,” says Boyer, himself twice elected to the House of Commons from a Toronto riding, “because they govern how people gain and loose political power and the control of government in our country. They normalize the power struggle, imposing the rule of law on desperately dynamic competition. That makes the Canadian election process predictable, not as to outcome, but as to procedure.”



Publisher: Butterworths
Law, politics, elections, parties, candidates, voters, democracy, governance
$39.95, Canada and U.S.A.
Hardcover, 631 pages, 6 x 9 inches


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