The wide-ranging interests of Canadian journalist, lawyer, broadcaster, book publisher, university professor, parliamentarian, printer, and outdoorsman Patrick Boyer are reflected by the scope of books he’s written. Below is information about most of them, with a link to purchase any that interest you.

Muskoka Heritage Nuggets, Volume I

(Published 2023)

Just released, Nuggets gathers magazine features written over several decades by Muskoka historian J. Patrick Boyer. His wide-ranging subjects were assigned by savvy Muskoka publishers attuned to topics of popular appeal. Richly illustrated with 149 photographs and 15 illustrations, the 14 “nuggets” include Chief Musquakie, Muskoka Bridges, Muskoka’s Hospitals, First Bank, Photographing Muskoka, Muskoka Electricity, Gold Diggers, Treating Tumours, Bigwin Inn, and Windermere House.

Muskokans Fight the Great War

(Published 2019)

In August 1914 Muskokans rushed to enlist in the British Empire’s war that was supposed to be over by Christmas. After four years, with millions of soldiers and millions more civilians killed, the euphoria had long since turned to grim despair.

Forcing Choice

The Risky Reward of Referendums

(Published 2017)

A citizen’s right to vote on transformative issues, whose consequences she or he will live with and pay for, is viewed in context through this account of Canadian experience with referendums.

Foreign Voices in the House

A Century of Addresses to Canada’s Parliament by World Leaders

(Published 2017)

From 1917 to 2016 sixty-five world leaders spoke in the House of Commons and now their transformative speeches, biographies, and photos appear for the first time in one book.

Our Scandalous Senate

(Published 2014)

Scandals plaguing Canada’s appointed Senate range from financial corruption to the public scandal of an unaccountable law-making body operating in a supposedly democratic society.

The Big Blue Machine

How Tory Campaign Backrooms Changed Canadian Politics Forever

(Published 2014)

The conduct of election campaigns became utterly transformed even before the digital revolution, and this backstage account of how that happened presents a unique Canadian story.

Another Country, Another Life

Calumny, Love, and the Secrets of Isaac Jelfs

(Published 2013)

The struggle for gaining and losing political power in Canada is regulated, even civilized, by the rule of law – as this book reveals in the legal framework essential for conducting elections.

Raw Life

Cameos of 1890s Justice From a Magistrate’s Bench Book

(Published 2012)

Society has changed a lot since the 1890s but these true cases from a Muskoka Magistrate’s Court reveal that some things are still the same – from road rage to plights and perils of women.

Solitary Courage

Mona Winberg and the Triumph over Disability

(Published 2010)

After her mother raised seriously disabled Mona Winberg with tough love, she in turn pioneered “independent living,” assisted public transit, and a hard-hitting newspaper column.

A Passion for Justice

How 'Vinegar Jim' McRuer Became Canada's Greatest Law Reformer

(Published 2008)

This in-depth biography traces the true story of a farm-boy whose passion for justice, and hard front-line experiences, propelled him to reform law for a changing Canadian society.

Local Library, Global Passport

The Evolution of a Carnegie Library

(Published 2008)

Accessible public libraries, as this book richly shows by a case example, support a democratic society’s citizens and offer nourishment for individuals seeking their own answers and freedom.


Confronting the Peril of Nuclear Weapons

(Published 2006)

A small Nova Scotia village gave its name to a world-wide movement for nuclear disarmament and this concise booklet explains just how, in the Cold War’s chilling depths, this came about.

“Just Trust Us”

The Erosion of Accountability in Canada

(Published 2003)

This book, documenting the removal of institutional foundations for accountability in government, shows why “responsible government” has vanished from Canadian politics.

A Man & His Words

Robert J. Boyer Through Changing Times

(Published 2003)

This illustrated biography of Muskoka’s Robert J. Boyer recaps the career of a weekly newspaper editor and historian, and his years as an Ontario MPP and Ontario Hydro’s VP.

Leading in an Upside-Down World

New Canadian Perspectives on Leadership

(Published 2003)

In a world increasingly turned upside-down it helps individuals recognize new ways of leading in rapidly changing contexts, as 16 insightful Canadians with wide experience explain in this book.

Hands-on Democracy

How You Can Take Part in Canada’s Renewal

(Published 1993)

This citizen-focused book by Patrick Boyer, written when the Member of Parliament sought to become prime minister, advances ideas for cultural renewal and democratic revival in Canada.

La Démocratie pour tous

Le citoyen . . . artisan du renouveau Canadien

(Published 1993)

Ce livre de l’ancien deputé Patrick Boyer traite ses politiques et programs pour ravigoter le Canada et revivre notre vie démocratique.

Local Elections in Canada

The Law Governing Elections of Municipal Councils, School Boards, and Other Local Authorities

(Published 1988)

Because community-level democracy is the foundation of public life, this book outlines the law for election of municipal councils, Indian band councils, school boards, and other local bodies.

Election Law in Canada, Volume I

The Law and Procedure of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Elections

(Published 1987)

The struggle for gaining and losing political power in Canada is regulated, even civilized, by the rule of law – as this book reveals in the legal framework essential for conducting elections.

Election Law in Canada, Volume II

The Law and Procedure of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Elections

(Published 1987)

The thicket of legal rules safeguarding how democratic elections take place in Canada is further sorted out in this second volume of Patrick Boyer’s landmark treatise on Canadian election laws.

Money and Message

The Law Governing Election Financing, Advertising, Broadcasting, and Campaigning in Canada

(Published 1983)

This book reviews all laws governing power and money in election campaigns, and all laws designed to ensure Canadian political battles take place on a level playing field.

Lawmaking by the People

Referendums and Plebiscites in Canada

(Published 1982)

By answering Yes or No to ballot questions on important public policies, citizens take a role in Canadian lawmaking that supplements their elected representatives making the decisions.

Political Rights

The Legal Framework of Elections in Canada

(Published 1981)

This book shows how the democratic freedoms and political rights of Canadian citizens are institutionalized as a legal framework governing elections and legislatures.

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