Hands-on Democracy

How You Can Take Part in Canada’s Renewal

Hands-on Democracy

Written when Patrick Boyer was an MP in the House of Commons running for the party leadership after Prime Minister Mulroney signalled his intent to step down, Hands-On Democracy is the candidate’s policy statement in book form.

 Pour l’edition francaise de ce livre, voir La Democratie Pour Tous, par Patrick Boyer.

Setting out Boyer’s stance as both a democrat and a conservative, this book’s chapters cover

  • Why It’s Time for Renewal

  • Crushing the Debt – Before It Crushes Canadians

  • Qualities of Canadian Patriotism

  • What Canadians Want

  • Listening to the People

  • The Politics of Engagement, and

  • Democratic Conservatism


Mr. Boyer is of that rare category of politicians – a man with ideas on policy, who wants to be Prime Minister to put them into effect, rather than a man who first decides he wants to be Prime Minister, then collects some ideas he thinks will help get him there.”The Globe and Mail

Mr. Boyer has been carrying on his campaign to modernize our political system at a time when most of his colleagues, their consultants, and large chunks of our academic and media communities were still imprisoned by the orthodoxies of the old politics.”Michael Bliss, University of Toronto

He is one of the most impressive people I have ever discussed politics with. Boyer’s theme is to give government back to the people and to the people’s representatives – the elected members of Parliament.”William Johnson, Montreal Gazette


Publisher: Stoddart
Politics, democracy, political philosophy, governance
$7.95, Canada and U.S.A.
Paperback, 120 pages, 5½ x 8 inches


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