Leading in an Upside-Down World

New Canadian Perspectives on Leadership

Leading in an Upside-Down World

This book results from a leadership conference Patrick Boyer organized for University of Guelph in the summer of 2002. He invited 16 speakers with diverse perspectives on leadership, and with university officials hosted the event. Then he gathered their papers, edited them, and wrote introductory and concluding chapters to frame this rich contribution of fresh thinking about leadership in a world turned up-side down.

The other contributors and their subjects are

  • Charles Pascal, Where have all the leaders gone?

  • Roy McMurtry, The recognition of leadership in practice

  • Ethel Blondin-Andrew, New ways of looking for leadership

  • Gilles Rhéaume, Innovation and leadership commitment in Canada

  • Karen Korabik and Deborah Miller, Leadership success in the context of diversity

  • Elyse Allan, Leadership challenge in the crossover points

  • Steven Cronshaw, Development of leadership as the pre-eminent people skill

  • Jack Muskat, Leading with new ideas in existing organizations

  • Fred Evers, Young leaders moving from campus to workplace

  • Terry Clifford, Young Canadian leaders in a new world of opportunities

  • Donna Lero, Leadership for work-life integration

  • Richard Phidd, Recognizing leadership through different perspectives

  • Stephen Lynch, Observing and measuring leadership

  • Craig Pearson, Leadership in the changing agricultural environment

  • O.P. Dwivedi, New leadership in a global village


Leading in an Upside-Down World contains fresh thinking in abundance. Like leadership itself, this book is focused on the future.”Right Hon. Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada

Management is doing the thing right and leadership is doing the right thing, and like first aid you can never study the subject too much! This book does the work for you as seventeen leadership practitioners and scholars share their valuable insights.”Major-General (Ret.) Lewis MacKenzie


Publisher: Dundurn, 2003
$24.95, Canada and U.S.A.
Paperback, 224 pages, 6 x 9 inches


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