Local Elections in Canada

The Law Governing Elections of Municipal Councils, School Boards, and Other Local Authorities

Local Elections in Canada

Local Elections in Canada is the final volume in Patrick Boyer’s comprehensive treatise on election law and procedure. Local communities are generally the most democratic arena of government because connection between voters, elected representatives, and issues is more direct and comprehensible than at the provincial or federal levels. Yet local election experience varies considerably across Canada, as Boyer’s books shows – from variations in the governing election laws, the degree of voter participation, and extent of provincial control or autonomy in municipal affairs.

In addition to municipal councillors, school board representatives, and utility commission members, this book examines local elections for Indian Band Councils, whose members can be elected either under federal law or by traditional band methods.

Boyer’s introductory chapter sets the historical and political context for local democracy across Canada. Then separate chapters are devoted to each province and territory for specific treatment of their election law regimes.


Local government has become most important in the political structure of our country, being aimed at ensuring the welfare and quality of life of every citizen, yet the role of the municipality is not always well understood, even by the citizens themselves. This new work by Patrick Boyer is a first. It is a thorough comparative study of the various Acts governing municipal elections in each province – a positive contribution and a great service to all Canadians involved, directly and indirectly, in civic affairs.” Jacques Viau, Q.C., Montreal, legal expert and dean of municipal law studies in Quebec


Publisher: Butterworths, 1988
Law, local elections,
$39.95, Canada and U.S.A.
Hardcover, 581 pages, 6 x 9 inches
Foreword by Jacques Viau, table of statutes and regulations, table of cases, index, bibliography


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