Money and Message

The Law Governing Election Financing, Advertising, Broadcasting, and Campaigning in Canada

Money and Message

This book, the third in Patrick Boyer’s groundbreaking series on Canadian election law, tackles the central subject of power and money in political campaigns, and the many electioneering laws designed to ensure our political life operates as much as possible on a level playing field.

Where other books in his series bring clarity to the legal framework of Canadian democracy, with emphasis on correct procedure and lawful compliance, Money and Message is a contrast. It deals with the “content” of elections – not the particular party platforms or personalities of individuals seeking office, but the campaign activities which take place within the neutral legal framework.

For national, provincial, and territorial campaigns, Money and Message details chapter by chapter the vital activity of raising and spending funds to wage a party’s campaign and spread its partisan message, and also reviews the interaction of all laws determining how, when, and where that message can be conveyed to voters through advertising, broadcasting, and campaigning.

In addition to their impact on political parties, the laws examined in Money and Message also directly affect many institutions and individuals because of their roles in Canadian society. Journalists, broadcasters, printers, public relations specialists, and others in the communications field; those operating transportation services; bankers, chartered accountants, party fund-raisers, and others in financial work; contractors offering goods and services to parties and candidates for their campaigns – all these, too, operate within a special legal framework for elections.

With election campaigns a multi-million dollar business, the laws and procedures Boyer reviews in Money and Message explain the way this business must be conducted.


Patrick Boyer’s thorough efforts to gather all the relevant law and policy in this area bring into focus, for the first time, the extent and nature to which legal instruments have been used to impose order, control, and fairness on political broadcasting and advertising at all levels in Canada. This book fills a gaping hole in Canada’s literature on elections and is therefore a most welcome milestone in the country’s evolution towards maturity. The author’s daring and diligence claim the gratitude of everyone concerned with the health of our public life.” -- Dr. John Meisel, Chair, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Publisher: Butterworths, 1983
Campaign funds, electioneering, election law and legislation, Canadian politics
$39.95, Canada and U.S.A.
Hardcover, 625 pages, 6 x 9 inches
Foreword by Dr. John Meisel, Chair of Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, table of statutes, table of cases, index, bibliography


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