Muskokans Fight the Great War

Muskokans Fight the Great War

In August 1914 Muskokans rushed to enlist in the British Empire’s war that was supposed to be over by Christmas. After four years, with millions of soldiers and millions more civilians killed, the euphoria had long since turned to grim despair.

Muskokans Fight the Great War is historian J. Patrick Boyer’s lead-off book in a new series of modern histories about Muskoka. Launched this fall, this book includes previously undisclosed events and many never-before-published photos.


1. Canada’s Prime Minister Interrupts His Muskoka Vacation

2. Canada’s War Minister Rallies Muskokans

3. First Flush of War Euphoria

4. Christmas Comes, Christmas Goes

5. Muskoka’s Home Front Shoulders Its War Work

6. Confronting Spies and “Enemy Aliens” in Muskoka

7. Indigenous Warriors Show Up for Battle

8. Muskoka Raises Its Own Battalion of Fighting Men

9. A Hundred Mile March

10. The 122nd Becomes Military Police, Sports Champs, and Farmers

11. Muskoka Soldiers Next Add a Foresters’ Role

12. The 122nd Resumes Military Police Duty

13. Women Galvanize Muskoka’s Home Front

14. Europe’s Aching Womb of Death

15. A Long Journey to War

16. Muskoka’s Overseas Battalion Meets Its Fate

17. War’s Imperatives Rebrand Britain’s Germanic Monarchy

18. Muskokans and Other Canucks Hew Wood to Fell the Foe

19. Fear of Looming Defeat Conjures Extreme Measures

20. Dr. McGibbon Goes to Ottawa

21. Making Up an Army of Unwilling Soldiers

22. Shutting Down “The War to End All Wars”


J. Patrick Boyer’s ancestors homesteaded in Muskoka before Confederation. Born and raised in Bracebridge, he holds an honours degree in economics and politics from Carleton, a Masters in history from University of Toronto, and a doctorate of law from the UofT’s faculty of law. Boyer’s been partner of a major Toronto law firm, a Member of Parliament, and parliamentary secretary for both External Affairs and National Defence. Dr. Boyer has taught at four universities, worked on democratic development overseas, and is author of some 24 books.

  • This book inaugurates new series BOYER’S MODERN HISTORY OF MUSKOKA
  • Book includes extensive subject index and references
  • Price: $24.95
  • 335 pages
  • Numerous photos, many published for the first time
  • ISBN: 978-0-9864867-8-4
  • Publisher: Muskoka Books, 2019

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