Santa's own wish-list: a summer place in Muskoka

For most, just being in Muskoka is enough. But for Santa, the trick was that Bracebridge is exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.

Over the half-century since, millions of children and former children have enjoyed the attractions of this special place nestled in pine woods by the Muskoka River.

Those unfolding decades brought changes, as original enactments of fairy-tale skits and the celebrated archery rSanta's own wish-list: a summer place in Muskokaange of Robin Hood were replaced by new features, such as rides on Chris Cringle's riverboat or aboard the Toonerville Trolly. By the start of this century, a sign of the ever-changing times, kids could email Santa their wish list from inside his log home, instead of sitting on his knee to tell him directly.

To commemorate its first 50 years, this enjoyable 110-page book published in 2005 recaptures the fantasy-reality story and evolution of Santa's Village through newsy accounts, anecdotes, and an ambitious array of 127 photographs (96 in full colour) compiled by Diane Rimstead, one of Santa's original elves working at the Village in 1955.

— Review by J. Patrick Boyer

ISBN: 978-0-9737721-0-4
Santa’s Village Inc, 2005
110 pages, 10 x 8 in
127 photographs (96 in full colour)
$24.95 CDN/USA paperback

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