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Tom Thomson books

Tom Thomson's bold renditions of northern scenes connect Canadians to a more heroic image of ourselves and our country. Thomson's inspiration led his artist friends to form the Group of Seven, the most important school in the evolution of Canadian painting. His controversial death at Algonquin Park's Canoe Lake in 1917 endures as Canada's greatest mystery.

Tracing how L.M. Montgomery adds to Muskoka's literary lore

Lucy Maud Montgomery and Bala

A Love Story of the North Woods

Jack Hutton and Linda Jackson-Hutton

Bala boasts a museum celebrating best-selling Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Created by Jack and Linda Hutton, this museum for the world-renowned writer was inspired during their honeymoon in PEI, when they discovered the place overrun by tour buses to L.M. Montgomery shrines. The couple seized upon the fact it was in Muskoka, at Bala, where Montgomery summered in 1922 and wrote My Blue Castle.

Tree Fever

Karen Hood-Caddy

Muskoka's pioneer days pitted loggers against settlers but tree wars and land-use conflicts are hardly a thing of the past. Anyone dismayed by recent eyesores of clear-cutting knows the fever that caused Jessie Dearborn to place her own body between beloved century-old trees and a condominium developer's rapacious chainsaw.

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